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A Letter from our Director

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автор : Dan Wang
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A Message from Dan Wang, ELANDA Managing Director

Globally, business owners are looking to create the best, hassle-free shopping experience for their customers. Product availability and sufficient POS system supply chain can jeopardize profits when often the point of sale is imperative to their businesses.

As you are aware, the world is in “uncharted territory” on the coronavirus outbreak. It has become an ever-increasing threat in areas of the Far East, including China, as well as taking hold in parts of the US and Continental Europe even beyond. As a result, there is a definite and growing threat to supply chain right across the full spectrum of products used by individuals and businesses. For sure, POS system supply chain is not going to be immune to this threat.

Faced with the challenging threat before us, Elanda has been firmly preparing to ensure a continued supply chain of POS System solution and related peripheral products to meet clients’ needs in these challenging times. Elanda manufactures locally in China and dedicates to ensure that our customers’ needs continue to be met and delivered. Elanda stands behind its superior management to receive orders, manufacture, and ship in a very quick time frame. We embrace a supply chain that works across different product lines and have been planning more lines respectively to ensure we have an amply supply.

We will continue to aggressively invest in our products and people to support the industry. We are committed to showing our customers the same love they are showing the world by bending over backward for them. We thank you and ask you to let us know how we can best support you by emailing us

we will be pleased to support your business and keep you moving forward.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership.

Kind regards,

Dan Wang

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